put down your gun

The screenshots of gameplay. There are totally two scenes designed in this game.


  • Role: Programmer, 2D Artist, Sound Designer
  • Team Size: 1
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Language: C# (Unity)
  • Platform: Windows


  • Programatically layered the character's animations with masks and weights
  • Programmed enemies AI mechanism in different stage
  • Wrote the storyline in this game
  • Developed blood particle system in the game
  • Designed and realized the game map
  • Coded the aiming & shooting script

Put Down Your Gun is a 2D shooting PC game with horizontal scroll world map, which was developed by unity3d, C#.

In the story of Put Down Your Gun, player acts as a soldier, who was forced to join the army and invade other countries. And at the end of the game, when he was commanded to kill an innocent little girl, he made a choice that forever changed three peoples' destiny ...

This game was created by myself in 12 hours, to show how bloody and cruel the war is and the brilliance of humanity. In addition, every image and video resource in the game was made by myself, using Photoshop and AfterEffect.

The character's animation layers. To make sure that character's aim direction can be controled by moving cursor, I seperated his arm's animation from the base layer.

I adopted a diary-form narrator in this game, to make players experience the story from a first-person angle.

At the end of this game, players are forced to make a decision, and the choice players made can lead to two different endings.

There are two hand scripts about this game's evironment and map designing.

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